My COCOS - User Manual

¡¡Hey Crack!!


First things first: We recommend after the first use to do a continuous charge of 5 hours. The Trimmer will change color to green light, when the charge is complete. (If your Trimmer arrives unloaded, charge it for 5 hours by connecting it to a 5V 1A cell phone charger).

IMPORTANT: avoid fast charging chargers.

We leave you here the recommended technique so that you are ready for battle.

Remember that it works like many very very small and fast scissors, so we leave you our tips:


  1. In the shower or under water, using cream or soap is up to you, but it is always ideal to use it under water so that the hair is in one direction only

  2. Look at the photo of how the ceramic blade (white) protects your skin from pinching, that is, it should go up, always visible to you and with the tips up.
    Mycocos Trimmer Perfect Angle

  3. GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS. Climb your palm tree, hold the loose skin firmly and move at a slow and steady pace. The testicular skin has folds and you must stretch it so that you can avoid accidents and have more flush results.

¿In which direction should you use the Trimmer? look down here ...

Attitude, Patience and Love

PRO TIP: "Who is slow and constant, always wins the race"

Please, whenever you are going to use it in delicate areas, do so with enough time and patience to achieve the expected results.


We always recommend keeping it clean, dry and away from moisture or cold. MyCOCOS® Trimmer comes with a small cleaning brush to reach the back and inside of the blade and thus not leave traces of hair or water ️

 We want you to have an excellent experience!


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